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Elaine of TSA

Dear Litehouse: Please check out: Http://www.partnersincharity.o rg for help with downpayment on house. Grants limited to 10,000.00 for qualifying individuals. Re: Hysterectomy - Research the "Hill-Burton Program" Which provides Federal monies to hospitals which in return provide free & or low cost care to surrounding communities. The access to receive benefit is income dependent and guidelines vary. The following hospitals in Mississippi are participants: Note I am taking this from Gov published booklet - 3 yrs old so numbers may have changed. Tallahatchie General Hospital in Charleston, MS 662-647-5535, Alcorn Co. Health Ctr. in Corinth, MS 662-287-6121, Greene Rural Health Ctr. in Leakesville, MS 601-394-2371, University Hospital & Clinics/Holmes in Lexington, MS 662-834-1321, Scott Regional Hospital in Morton, MS 601-732-6301. Neshoba Co. Health Ctr. in Philadelphia, MS 601-656-4371, Pearl River Co. Hospital in Poplarville, MS 601-795-4543, Clairborne Co. Hospital in Port Gibson, MS 601-437-5141, Access Family Health Services in Smithville, MS 662-651-4637, Oktibbeha Co. Health Dept. in Starkville, MS 662-323-4565, State Hospital in Whitfield, MS 601-351-8000. Note Services vary by facility and some may be outpatient clinics only so you will have to call and check. Each facility can choose which types of services to provide at free or reduced costs. The facility must provide an individual written notice which tells you what types of Hill-Burton free and low cost services it provides and what income level is needed to qualify. Facilities must provide a specific amount of free care each year, but can stop once they have given that amount. To get Hill-Burton Assistance, ask for it from a participating facility. You can apply for Hill-Burton Assistance before or after you receive care, even if the bill has been sent to a collection agency. Hill Burton Participating facilities must make a determination oof your eligibility within a certain time frame specified in their individual written notice. The facility must provide yoou with a written statement that says either when you can get free or low cost services or why you have been denied. In the years 2001-2002, the program provided an estimated $575 million in free and reduced charge care to approximately 1.6 million people. Hill-Burton participating facilities must provide care without discrimination. If you feel you have been unfairly denied access, you may file a written complaint with your Dept. of Health and Human Services regional office - Call 800-638-0742. Blessings

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Hello there. I am grateful to you for your positive comments on my aidpage. I thank you for the prayers. I will also pray for you to be able to get your surgery and feel better. Please try to see if there are any funds available through the hospital where your surgery is to take place. I know there are sometimes funds for people who need to have medical care and have no insurance or money to pay for it. Most of these funds are accessed through the credit department of the hospitals. I don't know if your Dr. would be able to guide you in the right direction but surely it would not hurt to ask. Perhaps because of your situation you could access Medicaide through the health and human service system in your state. I wish you luck in your search for help. I will keep you in my prayers also. God Bless Stephanie.

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